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UHF-938 Upgraded Version Tour Guide System

? UHF frequency band, PLL frequency synthesized technology ensures stable and 
  reliable performance
? UHF 432.5-434MHz frequency band, preset two optional channels
? Low-power consumption design, 2pcs alkaline battery can work more than 20 hours
? One transmitter can work with multiple receivers within the operating range
? Dynamic expanding circuit for high S/N ratio
? Complex interference-free circuit enables 2 sets to use simultaneously without 
  mutual interference
Wireless tour guiding
? Carrier Frequency:432.5-434MHZ
? Frequency Response:50Hz-16KHz 
? Number Of Channels:2                                                                                 
? Transmit Power:≤10dBm
? Receiving Sensitivity:S/N:12dB 3uV
? S/N:≥50dB
? Operating Range:>60m
? Transmitter/Receiver Power Supply: 2×1.5 AA Alkaline battery or 1.2V recharging battery
Product Content
Receiver                1pc
Transmitter             1pc
Headworn microphone     1pc
Earphone                1pc
AA alkaline battery     4pcs
Audio connecting cable  1pc
User manual             1pc
Package: color box

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