Integrated Application

DA-239 Talk-back System

? Full automatic communication control, duplex voice intercom communication 
  technology automatically recognize and process the voice signal without any 
  operation during communication
? Stereo output port for both internal and external voice signal output (for bank 
  clerk recording), recording function is not controlled by the power button and 
  function buttons
? Use high performance components, high output power up to 5W, clear and loud sound 
  quality, high voice resolution 
? Independent mute control button on host unit for both external and internal units,
  which can be controlled according to the application
? Elegant appearance design, built-in LED indicator on the buttons for simple use
? Customized anti-side tone processing chip for automatic squelch control and 
  effectively minimize the howling
? Audio signal input function like PC voice prompt for external broadcasting
? Extension unit can be hung on the wall or pasted on the glass by strong adhesive 
? Dual gooseneck design for different pickup angle
Bank, securities company, post office, railway station, payment station, ticket office, hospital
? Operating Voltage: DC 12V/1A
? Max. Output Power: 10W
? Frequency Response: 100Hz-12kHz
? Speaker Impedance: 4Ω
? Net Weight of Host Unit: 580g
? Net Weight of Extension Unit: 220g
? Host Unit Dimensions: 179.7×129.8×56.5mm
? Extension Unit Dimensions: 117.8×83.7×38.9mm
Product Content
? Master unit             1 pc
? Sub-unit                1 pc
? Adhesive rubber strip   2 pcs
? Adapter                 1 pc
? Adhesive EVA foam       2 pcs
? User manual             1 pc

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