G3 Wireless

? Adopts UHF frequency band design, 2000 preset channels, multiple sets can be used 
? The receiver presets 150 groups of non-interference-channels for easily installing 
  the KTV project
? Channel ID code detection technology effectively prevents channel crosstalk 
? The handheld microphone adopts smart sensor control technology to automatically 
  turn on/off the microphone according to the operation status, which effectively 
  prevent the howling and extend the battery life
? The handheld microphone is designed with drop mute function for protecting the post 
  audio equipments
? Professional audio companding technology, low noise and wide dynamic
? The receiver is designed with squelch sensitivity adjusting function for improving 
  the anti-interference capability
? The transmitter is designed with power high/low adjusting function for increasing 
  the receiving distance
? Independent XLR balanced output and 6.35mm unbalanced output for convenient 
  connection with the post equipments
? KTV, home entertainment, small party, outdoor performance
? Mute Control: pilot frequency
? Max Frequency Deviation: ±75kHz
? Frequency Response: 60Hz-15kHz
? Frequency Stability: ±0.005%
? S/N Ratio: > 95dB A+
? Distortion: ≤0.5%(at 1kHz)
? Channel Quantity: 2 channels
? Sensitivity: ≤-90dBm
? Operating Range: 50m
? Receiver Power Supply: DC 12V
? Transmitter Power Supply: 2pcs AA batteries
? Transmitting Power: ≤10mW
? Frequency Range: 600~950MHz (divided into frequency bands)
? Output: independent balanced XLR and unbalanced 6.3mm
Product Content
? G3 receiver	              1pc
? Handheld microphone	      2pcs
? Audio transmission cable    1pc
? Power adapter	              1pc
? Antenna	              2pcs
? Rack mount	              1set
? AA battery	              4pcs
? User manual	              1pc
Package: Color box

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