SGC-1000PRO Recording

? Unmatched off-axis restraint performance enables to directionally pickup the weak 
  sound signal under the complex environment
? Advanced common mode rejection low noise amplifier features high SNR
? Adopts sound pickup interference principle and long sound collecting pipe design, 
  narrow sound pickup angle effectively eliminate the lateral ambient noise
? Built-in low cut filter switch for more clear vocal sound pickup
? Full metal shielding structure design features excellent RF interference resistance
? Provided with portable leather bag and aluminum carrying case
Stage performance, interview, video production
? Product Type: Interview Microphone
? Polar Pattern: Hypercardioid
? Driver Diameter: Ф24mm
? Output Impedance: 100Ω
? Frequency Response: 10Hz~25kHz
? Sensitivity: -36±3dB at 1kHz
? Cable Connector: Male and female XLR
? Net Weight: 268g
? Color: Black
Product Content
Interview Microphone          1pc
XLR-XLR Cable                 1pc
Shock Mount                   1pc
Windscreen                    1pc
Microphone Portable Bag       1pc
Package: aluminium carrying Case

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